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Everyone benefits (if that is the right word) from the advances in technology.  I am without a computer this morning due to a video card failure and have borrowed a laptop to write this post.  I don't know what I will do the rest of the day but I am scratching my head to figure something that needs doing that doesn't involve the use of a computer.  So far, my best idea is to sort through the stock room and organize the books and DVDs.

Anyway, not having the use of a computer today, got me thinking to times when we didn't have computers and cable TV wasn't like it is now.  I moved to the U.S. 19 years ago and getting news of EPL games back in England was a long drawn out process.  Obviously, calling home was an option but calls in those days were 50 cents a minute.  So I bought a short wave radio and was able to tune in to Radio 5 Live.  When I say tune in, it was more like struggling to hear through the crackle and noise because reception wasn't much good at all.  But at least we got the results and these were then passed around the other Brits living here.

As for match reports and other news, we used to go to Borders bookstore on Tuesday afternoon, because they took delivery of the British sunday papers on Tuesday morning.  So we used to spend 30 minutes scanning 2 or 3 of the Sunday papers to learn how the games went and for other news.

Then in the mid 90's, EPL games started appearing on cable and by the late 90's more of them became available.  Then Fox Soccer Channel came into existance and the internet was a word that was starting to become more and more common.  And gradually, it just became easier and easier to get scores, match reports, games on TV and other news.

So today, there are 2-3 live EPL games I can get here in Kansas City.  There are also Italian, Spanish and South American and recorded.  I can click on to get scores of games as they are happening.  I even have an app on my Android phone that gives me scores and updates if I am on the road or not near my laptop.

Bottom line is I can get all the soccer news I need as it happens through advances in technology.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on technology and how you benefit or even how the game could benefit.  What about using video replay for critical calls?  Goal line cameras to decide if the ball crossed the line?  Do you prefer to watch live games on TV or go to the game?

Have a great day and enjoy your day.

Mike Saif

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