I've Changed My Mind - Man U For the Title

Okay, here's a quick quiz.  No looking online for the stats.  Just give a quick answer within five seconds.

The EPL's top four teams in order are, Arsenal, Man U, Chelsea and Man City.

  • Which team has the fewest wins?
  • Which team has fewest losses?
  • Which team has the best goal difference?
  • Which team has scored the most goals?
  • Which team has conceded the second most goals?

If you answered Man U to all of them, you are correct.

After just five games, I was ready to give the title to Chelsea hands down.  Since then they have lost 4 of 11, which some quick math shows they have lost over one third of their games since a 5-0 start.  Now, it looks like a toss up.  All of the top four teams look like they are doing their best to give the title to one of the others.  None of them are dominating.

But I did find the Man U statistics interesting.  They haven't lost a game.  That's right, not one loss.  Yes, I know they have only won 8 games out of 15, but not losing is pretty important I think.  More important than drawing instead of winning at least.

So I am looking at Man drawing seven games instead of winning them as something that is positive for the future.  To me, it's not a sign of a bad team, but more a sign of a good team that isn't on top form yet, a team that isn't firing on all cylinders so to speak.

This fits when you consider the tear that Rooney was on this time last year compared to his below form and injury plagued start to this season.

Now the question is, will Rooney, now that he is rested and once over his injuries, be able to hit the form of the first half of last season?  And if he can, will this make the difference between Man U winning games or settling for draws?

It's an interesting scenario but I can't come up with any other reasons to think Arsenal, Chelsea or Man City can go on to win the title.

So as of now, my pick for the EPL is Man U.  But this could change again...watch this space.

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