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Each month we add a new magazine update to the Member Drills Database. The magazine contains training sessions, videos and articles presented by top teams and coaches from around the world.

Here's part of a training session presented by Chelsea FC Academy coach Chris Woodword. The session focuses on 1 v 1, 2 v 1 and 2 v 2 situations that lead to a zonal game.


1 v 1 Warm-Up
Four 1 v 1 areas are created side by side. Three players are in each area. The defeneder passes to the attacker and then pressures but does not tackle. The attacker dribbles to beat the defender with a fake and across the end line. Malke the defenders active after the attackers have achieved a level of comfort. The attacker and defender change roles after each round.

Coaching Points

  • Check away from the cone and then into the middle of the area
  • First touch out of your feet
  • Go at the defender with skill
  • Keep the ball moving with quick touches


Add a small goal at each end. The attacker tries to beat the defender and pass the ball through to score. As a further progression, allow the defender to try and score if they win the ball.

Coaching Points

  • Attackers should be more direct
  • Continue to face the defender and beat him to one side or the other
  • Turning to shield the ball gives the advantage to the defender


2 v 1
The middle cone between two areas is removed to create two larger grids. One defender passes to the two attackers. There are now two small goals at each end. The two attackers combine to beat the lone defender and score into either of the two goals.

Coaching Points

  • Communication
  • Dribble at the defender to draw them to you
  • Movement of second attack to create a passing option


2 v 2
Both defenders are now involved creating a 2 v 2. The defenders pass to the attackers as before.

Coaching Points

  • Movement even more important against two defenders
  • Encourage Overlaps and Give-and-Goes


  • The attackers have 10 seconds to score
  • The attackers must score with no more than three passes

You can see the rest of the session in the November edition of WORLD CLASS COACHING by subscribing to the Member Drills Database.

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