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2v2 Tournament For Conditioning

By Jebreel Bubtana

This is a great way to get your players working hard and improve their endurance in a fun environment that gets them competing against each other.

Set up the field as shown below with an area of 12 yards x 10 yards and two mini goals 1 yard wide each. You can set up multiple mini fields depending on how many players you have (figure 1).

Article 15 - 2v2 tournament

Split the group into pairs, with each pair being a team. The aim is to let your team play and have fun. At the same time they will be

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Preparing for 2013 Midwest Regionals

It's been a year since I wrote about the preparation my U13 girls went through to attend the Midwest Regionals for the first time. It was also my first experience with Regionals and I learned as much as the girls did. We were fortunate enough to win State Cup again this year so we're headed to Des Moines, IA.

Last year we played the eventual Regional Chamions, Michigan Hawks, in the first game. We played so tight and scared it was obvious that the occasion was just too much for us. I'm a firm believer that

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Recovery Session

We've had a lot of games rescheduled this season because of the crazy weather had. We even had snow the first weekend in May that caused the fields to be closed.

My U14 girls play in a local league as well as the Midwest Regional League (MRL) in addition to the occasional tournament. But all of that leads up to the most important tournament of the year, State Cup. The winner of State Cup goes to Regionals to play the 21 State Cup Champions from our Region. The winners of each of the four Regions in the U.S. progress to the USYS National Championship which will be held at the Overland Park Soccer Complex this summer.

I originally arranged our schedule so that the games were spaced nicely with sufficient time for training, rest and recovery but the rained out games have piled up and now we're looking at about 15 games in 27 days. Warm-ups, cool-downs and

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