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Starting Speed Over Short Distance

By Alex Trukan This practice is designed to help the players in developing starting speed over short distances. That crucial ability often makes a difference between winning or losing a tackle or scoring a goal. Some players might be really quick over longer distances but that not always translates to football, where actions are short

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‘The Great Escape’ Game to Develop Starting Speed

By Alex Trukan

This exercise is a great way to develop ability to accelerate and sprint over short and medium distances. Its organisation ensures the players are engaged and not only develop physical aspects but also dribbling and running with the ball skills. The practice helps players in possession to get away from a defender, while defender works on sprinting in recovery runs. ‘The Great Escape’ game works with almost every age group and ability level!

Set-Up and Directions

Organise one bigger and one smaller area (smaller being inside the bigger one) as shown on the diagram. Set up four goals, one in each corner of the pitch, 5-10 yards from the bigger square. Every player will need one ball each. One player (defender) dribbles around the

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