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Favorite Triangle Midfield Exercises

By Rob Podeyn Author of Triangle Midfield  This is the first part of an article that appears in the November issue of the WORLD CLASS COACHING Magazine and will be uploaded to the Member Drills Database on November 1.

There are many exercises for training the triangle midfield. These five exercises represent my five favorite training exercises for training and developing the triangle midfield. They are generic enough that you can use them with just about any formation that uses the triangle midfield.


Four Square Game- This is a great game for working on possession while also learning how to quickly read the pressure of the opposition. It is also excellent for teaching your players how to transition quickly from attack to defense and vice versa.

Start by creating a large square that is 40 yards by 40 yards (reduce it to 30 yards by 30 yards if for older players who are more skilled). Divide the large square into four equal squares that are 20 yards by 20 yards. Have five players in each grid for a total of 20 players (you can also go four in each grid for 16 total players). Have each group of five players in their own color (i.e. grid 1 wears red, grid 2 wears yellow, grid 3 wears black, and grid 4 wears blue).

4 Square Game

Start the exercise by passing the ball into one of the grids. The team in that grid must

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The Importance of the Triangle Midfield

Today's post is the introduction from our book, The Triangle Midfield.  This book has proved very popular since its release a few weeks ago.

A Triangle is a shape that has three distinct points creating three sides that may be even or uneven to one another and form angles at each connection. A Triangle Midfield is a formation that includes three players centrally in a triangle formation that maintain the same or similar distances from one another while maintaining the same or a similar pace in the same direction staying with the flow and progression of the game.

This book will not be for basic or fundamental training or coaching, but is designed for more of a higher level of training and understanding. It will cover different formations associated with three central midfielders and not only formations with JUST three central midfielders. It will explain the functionality of the formation, how the formation is trained for possession and attacking roles and responsibilities, and training for defensive roles and responsibilities. Formations covered will include the

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