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The Top Clubs in Europe Do this in Training ....Do You?

This week's post comes to us from Bob Warming, the Head Men's Coach of Penn State University. Warming ranks third among active NCAA Division I coaches with 441 wins. He has been voted Big 10 Coach of the Year for two out of the last three years.

Coach Warming has traveled the world examining the training methods of the top teams and coaches. The innovative training system he describes below is something that most of us don't use and will certainly help take your team to the next level. 

First of all, don't feel bad if you haven't been doing this type training. And...if you are not doing this...don't feel alone! In my experience, very little of this type training is being performed in American soccer training sessions. It's not being taught in our coaching schools and yet it is prevalent throughout top teams in the world. If the academies and first teams at major clubs are doing this type training...shouldn't we be doing this type training in the USA?

I believe that we can add an important component to our youth training in America. I have seen this training develop quicker feet, quicker minds, and a transformation on my own players about thinking, combining and playing in Triangles. I only wish my players had started doing these type exercises when they were younger! And that is the main reason for this article.

Since we began using this methodology as part of our training, we have

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