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ACL Injury Overview (Research Review)

Today's post if from our Conditioning Expert, Scott Moody with Soccer FIT Academy. This post was interesting to me as a coach but also as a father of a high school aged soccer player. I'm all for anything that can help reduce the risk of injury while also improving performance.

In the past, we have put up several posts on ACL injury, rehab and risk reduction exercises, but I ran across a summary of research articles (Serpell, Scarvell, et al 3160-3176) compiled in the NSCA’s Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research that I wanted to break down for you. The following is a brief breakdown

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NHPI Testing: An Asset for ACL Repair Return to Sport Testing

This article is in regards to the experience I had with the NHPI during the rehabilitation of one of my ACL repair clients. This client is high school female soccer player who is going on to play soccer at the collegiate level. This client suffered an ACL tear and had straight ACL PTG repair.

As a Physical Therapist who specializes in the rehabilitation of Soccer athletes, I have seen and used numerous "Functional Testing" programs to determine the capabilities of the involved vs. the uninvolved lower extremity of my patients. Where many of these tests are quite helpful they never left me in a position where I felt confident to answer "Yes" when the parent would inevitably ask "is my son/daughter ready to play again". This return to sport capability is something that a therapist should be able to answer, and answer based on objective data. This is where the NHPI (National Human Performance Institute) came in very handy.

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