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High Tempo 4v1 Conditioning Game

By Daniel Severn

Today we have a simple variation of a popular and efficient exercise. By putting in this one twist, we add in movement, timing, speed of play and lots of conditioning. Again, there are many variations and ways to change or adapt this depending on the age and ability of your players – I’ll show you some of my favorite variations at the end of this article.

Set Up and Directions

The exercise is set up as shown below. We have four small cones marking out a 15x15 yard area. We also have four tall cones positioned centrally outside each side of the area, approximately 5 yards away.

High Tempo 4v1 1
The players will play a ‘regular’ 4v1 keep-away within the area marked by the small cones. The twist is this simple, after making a pass, the player must

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