Striker Training With Conditioning

By Jebreel Bubtana

This exercise will work on the aerobic endurance of your players whilst being specific to the movements that your strikers will perform during a game.

Set up the field as shown in figure 1 below. The two goals are 30 yards apart with a 15x15 yard square in the middle. The coach must have two balls with them for this as well.


The player with their back to goal must check into the middle of the square, receive a pass from the coach and pass the ball back to the coach slightly in front of them otherwise known as a give and go or wall pass (figure 2).


The striker then spins off and curves their run, as shown by the arrow and receives a through ball from the coach to go one on one with the goalkeeper (figure 3).


After the striker has taken a shot on goal, he must run back to the middle of the square and then run towards the disc to their right as shown below (figure 4).


The ball will now be crossed as shown below, the striker must sprint towards the area where the ball is crossed as if to get away from a defender and get to the ball first to finish on goal (figure 5).


When the striker finishes the cross, he will complete the exercise by sprinting through towards goal and receiving another through ball to go one on one with the goalkeeper (figure 6).

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This exercise must be performed at a high intensity throughout in order to improve their aerobic endurance. When the striker has completed the circuit, they can rest for 15 seconds before going again. After this has been completed 5 times, they can switch with the crosser of the ball. It is important to then perform the exercise again from the other corner of the square so that the striker gets used to receiving the on the other side of their body.

Coaching Points:

  • Ensure that your striker stays calm in front of goal and picks out the corners with their shots.
  • All movements must be sharp and quick as if in a real game situation. For example, when the give and go has been performed, the striker must spin and curve their run quickly to receive the through ball and go one on one with the goalkeeper.
  • It is important to emphasize that technique is not compromised as the lactic acid builds up and your players get tired.

Jebreel Bubtana
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