SSG to Help Train Movement OFF the Ball

By Søren Schamberg -

This small sided game is meant to help players with movement off of the ball during a game. Most instruction about movement of the ball can be lost because of the frenetic pace of a scrimmage or game. During the introduction, slowing down the game will be helpful. Again, the emphasis is on player movement off the ball, not necessarily the player with the ball.

This game plays 5 v 5 on a 20 x 40 area with 5 yards at each end as a “end zone” for scoring.

Rules of the Game:
To start, each player pairs off with a player from the other team.

The player with the ball cannot dribble or move as well as the defender marking that player. It’s important to direct the defender they need to give a little space, 1 or 2 yards to enable the attacking player to pass the ball as an option becomes available.

- Possession can only change if a pass is intercepted or the ball goes out of bounds.
- Regular throw ins restart play, even if the ball rolls out of the end zone without being controlled.
- Teams work the ball upfield by passing and moving and developing a vision. Passes can be directly to a player or into space onto a players run.
- To score, a player must receive the ball in the end zone, control and stop it.

By Søren Schamberg -

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