Getting Your Body Behind the Ball

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on footwork and getting your body behind the ball.

Start with a keeper in goal and a server around 12 yards out with a ball.

The server tosses the ball to the side of the keeper and the keeper is told to catch the ball (no diving).

Do this a few times in both directions so the keeper has to work to get to the ball.

Next do the exact same thing but this time, the keeper can’t use his hands.  He must keep his hands down and to his side and use his body to make the save.

With this new restriction the keeper has to move even further and even faster to make sure he gets his hands behind the ball.  It’s no longer going to work to move just enough in order to reach for the ball and instead a keeper must move far enough and fast enough to get their whole body behind the ball.

Do this a few times and most keepers will quickly realize they are moving a lot more than they were when they were allowed to catch the ball.

Next go back and allow catching but encourage the keeper to do the same type of movement.  The keeper will work harder, catch more and make more saves.

Have a great day!


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