Getting Back to Your Line

By Patrick Kasperitis -

This exercise set looks at the goalkeeper’s ability to not only deal with a cross, but to get back onto their line in order to deal with any save that might come from having to punch or tip the shot.

Place cones off to the side of the penalty area in line with the penalty spot. Using the Line for the end of the penalty area (or setting a cone 6 yards away from the gates) the server will toss the ball up in the air for the goalkeeper to come and claim.

Back to the Line 1


After claiming the ball in the air and giving it back to the server, they goalkeeper will backpedal to get back inside of the gate to prepare for a save.

  • need to focus on keeping the body weight forward even as they are moving backwards
  • focus on forward body weight so that they can make a positive dive to make a save.

Back to the Line 2


Lastly, place the goalkeeper inside of the goal and the penalty area. One server will be in a wide area and will serve in crosses. The other server will be on top of the penalty area and will take a shot after the cross is dealt with.

  • Focus on the goalkeeper handling the ball in the air well by catching or punching
  • Even If the goalkeeper does catch and gains control of the ball, we still want to build the skill of moving backwards to be comfortable making the second save, so the shot will still come.
  • After the claim the goalkeeper should look to work back into the goal as quickly as possible, getting a good angle and keeping their body weight forward to make the save.
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Back to the Line 3

By Patrick Kasperitis - Graduate Assitant Women's Soccer Coach - St Mary's University, SA United Junior Program Goalkeeping Director, South Texas ODP Staff

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