Don't Allow Players to Turn

By Søren Schamberg -

A challenging topic to introduce to players to practice is getting tight on players when defending. Not letting attacking players turn takes timing, speed and strength.

To set up, create a line with cones approximately 10 yards long. Place 2 small goals 10 yards apart and approximately 20 yards from the line of cones. Divide the players into 2 groups, one will be attacking and the other will be defending. The area between the line of cones and the goal is the “goal zone” and is intended to keep the play contained in a smaller area.

Defenders and attackers start from the left or right side of the goal zone line and sprint to the middle of the line to receive a pass from the coach and while the defenders stay close and apply immediate pressure.

Attackers try to beat the defender and put the ball in either of the goals which represent a forward pass on the field. Defenders try to win the ball through a tackle or interception.

If the attacker successfully completes a pass or the defender wins the ball or gets it away, the next pairing comes in to start another round.

● As players demonstrate improvement, add additional players to create passing options for attackers and force defenders the need to adjust
● Add more attackers than defenders to defend against an overload scenario
● Change the location of the starting positions to create alternative approach scenarios
● This drill can also be swapped so emphasis can be put on the attacker to improve their receiving touch, turning with the ball, shaking a defender, first touch, etc.

By Søren Schamberg -

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