Ball Circulation - Barcelona Passing


This week's exercises are from our book, 'Coaching the 4-3-3 Advanced Tactics'

Barcelona Passing

This is a simple and yet complex passing exercise as there is several moving elements. Set up one diamond separating the top point from the bottom and the right and left side point by 8 yards. In the middle of the diamond put another cone that will be the right point of the second diamond. From the left point finish the second diamond so it looks like the diagram to the left. Have two players on each cone with two soccer balls being used. Have one ball at the bottom of one diamond to start and the second ball and the top of the other diamond. Begin the exercise by having the ball circulate counter-clockwise.

Players pass to the player at the next point of the diamond and follow their pass. Players need to be aware of the players in the opposite diamond and aware of the other ball being played. The spacing between cones and the two diamonds is not big as it encourages quick play. It is important to focus on the coaching points of this exercise and demand quality in their technique and focus. Always begin with two-touch minimum.

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