Attacking and Defending SSG

By Søren Schamberg -

Set up
Create the playing area by making a box 15 x 15 yards with two cones on opposing sides about 5 yards beyond the border of the 15 x 15 box. Divide the team in half, with one group of players assigned as “Attackers” and the other as “Defenders”.

On the defenders side, place two goals on either side of the Defenders line for the Attackers to score in.

Game Play
Defenders will start with the balls on their side and begin the turn by passing the ball through the play area to the Attackers across from them and following their pass to meet the Attacker in the box.

The Attacker must receive the ball and begin dribbling into the play area to take on the defender in the play area and score in one of the two goals to win the turn and defenders win the turn by winning the ball and clear it out of the box.

The two players who just had a turn, go to the back of the opposite line.


- Use cones in place of the goals.
- Place two players on the adjacent sides of the play area to act as a 1-touch passing option to illustrate the importance of using your teammates. Rotate the side players after each turn.

By Søren Schamberg -

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