Agility, Sprinting and One-Touch Passing

Here is a simple activity that works on agility, sprinting and one touch passing.  This uses L shaped movement with passing

Start with 7 cones making up and L (or a reverse L) and 3-4 players to the side.  Two players start 10 yards from the last cone with 1 ball.

The first player in line “slaloms” through the cones sideways and then forward until getting to the last cone at which point the player with the ball passes the ball and sprints to the back of the other line.

The player receiving the pass makes a one touch pass to the next player in line and then follows the pass to take that players spot.

All passes are done one touch so the second person in line will have to time their start to make sure they are ready for the one touch pass from the server starting with the ball.

You can start with slalom runs through the cones and then add in two legged hops, one legged hops and many other variations.

This is an excellent way to work on agility and sprinting while getting in one touch passing.

Have a great day!


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