A New Format for Coaching Education Materials

When I was starting out as a coach I was looking for information on coaching methods my only option were books. Some were interesting and educational but there is only so much I could really understand from a book. I have always been more of a visual learner. I learn much more quickly and completely by seeing things first hand rather than just from descriptions.

Video Cassettes and later, DVD's, allowed me to see examples of skills, techniques and tactics that I could relate to the players that I was working with. The best of these gave detailed descriptions of coaching points variations and progressions.

Online video has become more and more accessible in the last five years making it easier and quicker to see get to exactly what you're looking for. Rather than watching an hour video on a topic you can  search for a clip of that shows you just what you're looking for. The clips are usually short, five or 10 minutes most commonly. Our Video Library has more than 400 clips that cover virtually every technical and tactical topic.

We've recently offered a combination of media that I think covers the best of everything. Coaching the Barcelona 4-3-3 Attacking includes videos of actual FC Barcelona games. The attacking patterns are broken down and explained. The package also includes eBooks that take this information one step further show you diagrams and and descriptions of drills and exercise that you can use to teach your team the concepts that Barcelona uses to build their attack. So now I can see it done at the highest level, have it broken down into it's components and see a complete explanation of how I can train my team to play the same way. That's a long way from reading a book.

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If you're looking for a the latest in coaching education I'd suggest you check out Coaching the Barcelona 4-3-3 Attacking.

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