1 v 1 and Playing Out

By Sean Reed -


This session will work on 1 v 1 playing into target players. Focusing on working with the player attacking and defending, combining with other players and movement to receive the ball to support the player in possession.

Session 1

Diagram 1

Set Up

  • 6 Players
  • 1v1 in the middle and 2 players from each team behind a gate
  • Pitch 20-30yds wide x30-35yds long. See Diagram 1
  • 5yd area each end where the players in the middle are required to score within
  • Objective is for the player in possession is to score by playing a pass from within the 5yd area to a target player and successfully receiving the back. Then be able to achieve that will the other target player
  • If the defending player wins possession they then become the attacking player
  • The target players can be on 1 touch, but this can be changed dependent on the level
  • The size and shape of area can be changed
  • Players switch in the middle after up to 90secs depending on physical outcome

Coaching Points

  • Positive in possession
  • Encourage creativity and willing to try new skills
  • Looking to work the defender, get them off balance to create an opportunity to get pass them
  • Selection of end product
  • Quality of end product
  • Movement to support next pass

Session 2

Diagram 2

Set Up

  • As with the previous session. See session and diagram 1
  • The target players can now move from one gate / goal to another on their side
  • The target player for the defending player can also move between the two gates / goals and can prevent the pass being played through by just being in the gate / goal (no contact on the ball required)
  • The restrictions can then progress to where the defending player can mark, intercept and tackling the target player
  • The target player then has to work a passing opportunity

Coaching Point

  • As with the previous session
  • Timing and type of movement
  • Tracking of players
  • Awareness of where and when to pass

Session 3

Diagram 3

Set Up

  • As within the previous two sessions
  • Within this session when the attacking player plays a pass to the outside player they will then switch positions. The target player will dribble/run with the ball into the area and the attacking player will then go on the outside to become the target player
  • It is important to manage the time players spend in the middle and outside, so the coach may need to intervene at times to force the switch

Coaching Points

  • As within previous session
  • Accelerate when switching positions
  • (Taking the ball off line) First touch to take away from where the ball has just come from

By Sean Reed
Former First Team Coach of Championship side Fulham FC. Sean is a UEFA A Coach with a Masters in Sport Coaching. He has over 15 years of experience working in professional football from Academy through to First team in the Premiership and Championship.

Web - www.seanjreed.com
Twitter - @SeanJReed

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