Who Would Be Your First Pick?

Since I was kid, I have always enjoyed playing the game of choosing who you would pick as the first player in your team.  Not for the kick about game but when picking a team of the best players in the world...or for the England team.

So let me get right to it.  The first player I would pick for my team would be Wayne Rooney.  He's got great ability, is as strong as an ox, has a great work ethic, can score goals and can make other players around him better.  All this adds up to a great player and great teammate.

Up until his sub par season this year, Gerrard was always in the same conversation as Rooney.  Sometimes I couldn't choose between the two.

Does this mean I think Rooney is best player in the world if he is my number one choice?  Not necessarily, but I do think he could be the best player in the world, it depends on what attributes you value in a player.  He should definitely be in the discussion.

Of course, good arguments could be made for players like Ronaldo, Messi and others, and maybe I just value certain attributes over others, but I would rather coach a player like Rooney and have him as a teammate than Ronaldo or Messi.

So who would be your first pick?  Does it matter what position they play?  What attributes are important to you?

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