Too Early To Judge

I wrote a blog post last week about whether the EPL title race was over already.  Chelsea had won all five of their games and by big margins.  I guess it was a reasonable question to ask.  But, in my excitement at how well Chelsea had started, I didn't give enough attention to the teams that they had played to get their five wins.

No disrespect to West Brom, Wigan, Stoke, West Ham and Blackpool, but I would doubt if any of those teams would finish in the top half of the EPL.  So I have to admit, I jumped the gun with my blog post and the question.  I should have waited until Chelsea had played a stronger team, and that's exactly what they played this weekend with their loss to Man City.

So, now we go back to a wide open title race.  Except that the other contenders seem to be throwing away their chances.  Only Man City who beat Chelsea won out of the main contenders with Man U drawing and Arsenal losing at home.

I think I will give it a rest trying to figure out how the season will end up until more games have been played.  But for some reason, I still think Chelsea will walk away with it and Man U, Arsenal and Man City will not take advantage of any mishaps by Chelsea.  Kind of like how this weekend went I suppose...a microcosm of the season.

Maybe next weeks game between Chelsea and Arsenal will at least give us an indicator as to how things might shape up.

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