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Soccer Agility – Twister

Soccer Agility – Twister

Agility is a fitness component that is highly specific to soccer. Agility is used throughout a game of soccer in making attacking runs, tracking attackers and eluding defenders.  This is an exercise that involves complete body movement and is more specific to a game scenario.


-         To provide an agility training exercise in a reactive environment, replicating a game scenario.

Coaching Cues:

-         Repeat the colour combination twice to the athlete, before giving the 'go' command.

-         Ensure athlete sprints between cones.

-         A cut manoeuvre must be used to change direction, i.e. outside foot plant inside foot drive.

-         Arms cheek to cheek.

-         Powerful push back under hips.

-         Stable body position out of turns.

-         Always finish

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