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Passing With Proper Pace

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today's featured activity works on passing with proper pace.

Start with 6 players on the perimeter of a circle with a diameter of around 20 yards.  They are in groups of 2's and are opposite their partners in the group.  There is one ball per group.


The players start off passing back and forth with their partner.  They play

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Soccer Agility-Change of Pace

Changing pace is critical in soccer. A player that possesses this skill is able to accelerate and decelerate quickly, transferring energy from the front foot to the back and then to the front again.  It is a skill used by strikers when making accelerating diagonal runs or when defenders need to intercept a penetrating ball.  Here is an exercise that will help teach this change from acceleration to deceleration:  Change of pace.


-        To develop the ability to accelerate and decelerate over a very short distance.

-        To develop sport specific evasion

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