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Something Must Be Done to Stop Diving in Soccer

When you talk about soccer to someone who is not a fan at some point they will point out how soccer players dive and pretend that they've been fouled. This is the first and only thing that some people know about soccer. This is a black eye on our sport and something must be done to punish it with the goal of stopping it.

This form of cheating has made it's way into other sports like basketball where it is called, 'flopping'. Fines are being handed out to players like Chris Bosh during last year's playoffs. The first comment on the story says,

"This is what we get for trying [to] make soccer a more televised and popular sport in the US.
Soccer brought the playbook on flopping to America and it has spread rampantly through the
NBA and is starting to now even trickle into the NHL."

Last year eight players in the NBA were fined for flopping, the most common fine

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Cheating Is Spoiling the "Beautiful Game"

Well, it's finally got to the stage where I have to say something.  I am steadily losing my respect for the "Beautiful Game".  I am finding it difficult to enjoy watching any soccer game lately...including these World Cup games.  Actually, when I think about it, it's been bothering me for years and I suppose it

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