Scrambling to Make a Save

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter. Today’s featured activity works on fitness, scrambling, footwork and diving.

Keepers frequently work on making a save using footwork over a very short distance. They might work on going from the center of the goal to the post to make a save.

Or, if they want to work on something from even further, they might go post to post

Unfortunately, there are occasions when a keeper has to scramble back to make a save from further away. An example might be an attacker dribbling down the end line and the keeper goes to meet him and the ball gets slotted back toward the 18.

One way to work on this type of scramble is to to have 2 goals set up 15 yards apart from each. There is a server with balls 15 yards from each goal. There is one keeper for the two goals.

The keeper starts in one goal and makes a save from the near server.

The keeper then sprints to the other goal and must make the save there as well. The server waits for the keeper to get close but doesn’t let him get all the way to the goal before playing the ball.

The keeper makes the save and then sprints back to the first goal to do the same in the other direction.

This is an extremely fast moving activity so limit it to 4-6 shots before the keeper rests.

Have a great day!


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