Reverse Goal Transition

By Steven Smith

Area Size: This activity can be done on a full-sized field or in smaller spaces depending on the needs of the coach and team sizes available for training. The two diagrams represent the two approaches.

Teams: Two teams of various sizes depending on the space used

Time: 15 minutes

Setup and Execution:
Full size field (or smaller depending on numbers) is set up with two full size portable goals twenty-two yards from the end line facing the end line (opposite of normal goals). Two teams are evenly divided and attack the opposite goal just like a normal full sided game.

Players set up to play a full sided game, however, the goal is facing the opposite direction and a set number of players must transition beyond the goal before a shot can be taken on goal. The whole team must be on the same half of the field but perhaps 7 of them must be beyond the goal. Coach can vary the number for transition beyond the goal before a goal can be scored.

• Coach can determine how many must transition to beyond the opposite facing goal.
• All players must cross midline on attacking team in order for a goal to be scored.
• The coach can adapt this full-sided game to a small-sided game with mini goals and no keepers as shown in the second diagram.

By Steve Smith
Steve Smith has been a men's college coach that holds an NSCAA Advanced National Diploma and a Doctorate in Physical Education.

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