Possession Warm-Up

It’s easy to get in the habit of doing the same activities over and over again.  As an example, we want to do a possession warm up with 3 groups of 5.

In the DVD Tactics and Drills for Training Forwards, Bob Warming, shows an interesting way to do this a bit differently.

The first game is a typical 4 v 1 game in limited space.  With a 10 x 10 grid the players are restricted to 1 touch soccer and if possession is lost, the player who lost the ball goes on defense.

While one group is playing the 4 v 1 one touch possession game the second group is playing 3 v 2.

This 3 v 2 game has less of a space limitation and also allows up to 3 touches per player.  The one other condition is that each of the attacking players must be moving at all times.  This is much less of a static activity and involves takeovers, moves etc.

The third group is playing 4 v 1 with a big twist.  It’s two touch maximum and possession is lost if the ball hits the ground.

This possession game is working on heading, juggling, movement and support.   It wont work for a group of beginners but a higher level team could and should have up to 20 touches in a row.

Each game would be played for 2 minutes and then they would switch to the next game.  In a 6 minute period the players have been exposed to a variety of types of possession and by changing things up, it keeps things interesting for all.

Consider using this type of variety in training and see how much the players will appreciate it.

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