Pass and Spin

This week's exercises are from the Liverpool Youth Academy in our book, "Modern Soccer Coaching - Technical"

Combination Two

Player 1 passes to Player 2 who has checked away and then come back. Player 2 then turns inside to face the mannequin. Player 3 checks away as Player 2 is receiving the ball and turning. Player 2 passes to Player 3 who has come back to show for the ball. Player 2 then runs past the mannequin to the center cone and plays a give-and-go with Player 3 who then dribbles to the start.The players rotate and use each foot for two minutes as before.

Coaching Points

  • Movement of Player 2 (checking away and back as before)
  • Quality of Player 2’s pass (pace, no back lift, disguise)
  • Movement of Player 3 (Timing - wait until Player 2 looks at you)Player 2’s movement behind the mannequin after the pass
  • Quality of Player 3’s pass back to Player 2

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