Layoff to Diagonal Pass

This week's exercises are from the Liverpool Youth Academy in our book, "Modern Soccer Coaching - Technical"

Passing Combination One

The players work in groups of four. They use their right foot for two minutes and then their left foot for two minutes. All of the combinations only work with the right winger. To work on the left side, Player 2 stands on the other side of the mannequin and Player 3 stands on the opposite cone.Player 1 plays the ball to Player 2 who is has checked away from then back at an angle. Player 2 sets the ball back to Player 1 and then spins around the outside of the mannequin. Player 1 passes the ball to Player 3 who sets it to Player 2. Player 3 spins around the cone for Player 2 to play a return pass to him. Every player moves forward one place and the drill starts again with a pass from Player 4.

Coaching Points

  • Pace and quality of the pass
  • Movement of Player 2 and 3 to receive the ball (away first, check shoulder, body shape - side on)
  • Think, “Could I turn and go myself”
  • Movement of Player 2 after the set

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