How To Turn Your Shots Into Goals

By Danny Carvalho

Question - “My team always out shoots an opponent. But we struggle with finishing our opportunities and don't take our opportunities when shooting when they are open from outside. Help!”

I know it is no fun being in the coach’s shoes when this is the case but, as the expert trying to help, I’ve got to love this struggle! After all, what coach have never been in this position before?

So here goes three activities to help you work with that and change your team’s story!

Activity 1
Nothing like a 2v1 to get good repetitions of goal attempts in a game realistic scenario. On this one, the aim is to teach the concept of dribbling to attract the opponent while the 2nd attacker overlaps to create doubt and indecision in the defender’s head.

Defender passes the ball to the 1st attacker and sprint to close them down. The 1st attacker then passes the ball to the 2nd attacker and overlaps them. What’s next is up to the players decisions.

Activity 2
This is a great 1v1 activity to get players to finish the play as soon as possible because otherwise they are going to lose their advantage and struggle.

Set two lines from each goal post to ten yards out of the goalie box.

1- Defender plays a pass to opponent and runs to close them down
2- Attacker anticipates and tries to speed the play, running to the ball
3- Attacker tries to finish the play as soon as possible

Activity 3
4v4 small-sided game with the field split into three zones. On the goal zones teams will be in a GK+2v1 situation. The middle zone is a neutral zone where only the attacking team is allowed to go in with the ball. The goal is to get to the neutral zone with the ball and take a shot from there as soon as possible.

In the diagram situation the black team player is taking the shot. See that there is one black team player in the opponents zone who is allowed to try and score from a possible rebound from the GK.

By Danny Carvalho, DOC at Corinthians Campinas Youth Club,  Brasil

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