Five Goal Game

This is a game that I've used as a warm-up and in the main part of the session. I like it because of how many different things you can coach depending on your focus. As with most small-sided games, the kids really enjoy playing it so they get a lot out of it.

Here is how the field is set up:

The size of the field and goals can vary based on the age and ability of the players. Adding neutral player will help the game flow and give the players a lot of opportunity for success. Playing with two equal teams will make the game much more challenging and is usually more appropriate for advanced players.

I usually begin by awarding a goal if a player dribbles through any of the goals. You can award two points for dribbling through the central goal.

A progression would be to have a point awarded each time a player passes through a goal to a team mate on the other side.

I'll usually then allow the teams to score either by dribbling or passing.

A further progression toward a more game-realistic situation is to have one team attack the orange goals and the other team attack the yellow goals. Either team can score through the central, blue goals. This leads easily into a regular scrimmage with goals and goalkeepers where you can evaluate how the players have understood the topic you've focused on during the session.

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