EPL - Top Four Predictions

It's that time of year again to figure out who will take the top four spots in the English Premier League. Let's start with a few questions.

1. Will Totenham repeat their feat of last season with a fourth place spot?

2. Can Liverpool be considered one of the Big Four anymore?

3. Are Man City now one of the Big Four?

For what it's worth, here are my predictions.

Champions - Likely between Man U and Chelsea. I can't see Man City being strong enough or consistent enough - yet. I love watching Arsenal play and when they are "on" they are incredible. But I think things will be a little unsettled with Fabregas and they might be a bit too young to make a long enough run. I don't see anyone else really competing for the top spot.

Top Four - One spot will definitely be taken by who doesn't win the title, so either Man U or Chelsea. That leaves two spots being fought out by Arsenal, Man City, Liverpool, Totenham, Everton and maybe another suprise team like Fulham or Aston Villa. Arsenal and Man City would appear to be favorites.Liverpool are a bit of an unknown after last season's disappointment and with a new manager. They could do well or struggle so they are hard to predict.

So let's hear from you. Put your predictions on the line where everyone can see them. Make your comments below and we will take a look at things around the New Year and the end of the season to see who was close and who was way off.

My picks are:

1. Chelsea

2. Man U

3. Arsenal

4. Man City

5. Liverpool

6. Everton


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