Creativity Through Small-Sided Games

For over 20 years I have coached teams of all ages and abilities from U6's to U18's and from recreational teams to national champions.  And over the years, my coaching philosophy has steadily changed to using more small-sided games in my training sessions...and for the better.

I find that not only do players prefer to play small-sided games, they are a better way of teaching skills, technique and tactics than typical soccer drills and exercises.

Small-sided games also allow players to express their creative side much more than when standing in a line waiting for their turn to make a pass or take a shot for example.

So I am really excited about our new book, Developing Creativity Through Small-Sided Games.  And you can get it either in print OR as an immediate download eBook.

Try more small-sided games in your training sessions and you will notice a difference.  Check out the two samples from the book below.

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Mike Saif

Two Sample Excerpts

Here is a example excerpt from Chapter Three - Global Small-Sided Games # 5.

Organization: 2v2 situation will be developed in 3 small sided games. Roster: 15 to 22 players including 2 or 3 goalies.

Description: Game 1 - 2v2 inside the box with 2 goalies, Game 2 - 2v2 game with 4 goals. Game 3 - 2v2 game in attack x defense game format, defenders score on the small goals on the side.

Coaching Points: -2v2 game development
-give and go, support, overlap, diagonal passing
-1st and 2nd defender roles
-Speed of improvisation and adaptation

Equipment: balls, cones, discs, vests, small goals and mobile goals.


Here is a example excerpt from Chapter Three - Global Tactical Conditioning Game # 9.

Formation: 1-4-2-3-1

Organization: 11v11 situation in half of the field. Roster:  22 players including 2 goalies.

Description: 11v11 game situation in the half of the field divided in 2 zones: defensive and offensive. This game will develop the speed of pressure on the ball and on the ball side. The team without possession earns points every time that they regain the ball possession with 5 seconds on the zone 1 or 8 seconds on the zone 2.  Rule: vertical long passing is not allowed. Both teams play in the 1-4-2-3-1 formation.

Coaching Points: - 11v11 pressuring situation
-Game transition offensive-defensive
-Speed of reaction and organization from the closest player to the ball and progressed to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th  5th ......

Equipment: balls, discs, vests and mobile goal.

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