Club Or Country?

Club or country?  Players wishes or clubs wishes?  What is your take on this?

The FA were told by Spurs that Defoe wouldn't be available for this weekends European Champions qualifying games against Bulgaria and Switzerland.  They were told that he was injured and was scheduled to have surgery on his groin.

However, when Defoe learned he not only would be in the England squad, but he was penciled in to be in the starting eleven, he didn't hesitate.  He wanted to play.  He said he could easily schedule the surgery for a later time.

The result was a Defoe hat trick against Bulgaria (written before the Switzerland game).

So who should get their way?  Spurs who pay out millions in Defoe's salary, the FA (can't think why) or should Defoe get to choose when and where he plays on the National Team regardless of the investment Spurs have put in him?

I can see both perspectives.  On one hand, if I was paying someone millions, and they needed surgery for a damaged groin, I don't think I would be too happy if that player risked further damage by playing for England and quite probably end up delaying his return to full fitness.

On the other hand, if I was a player, surely I have the right to play for my country if chosen as this is the pinnacle of achievement for most players.

But I guess it gets murky and complicated when there is an injury situation like Defoe's.

What do you think?

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