Can Arsenal Finish Strong? Liverpool - What Problem?

Liverpool are only one win away from a European spot (3 points behind 5th place Tottenham).  Is all the hoopla about their poor start way overblown?

Will this be a different season for Arsenal?  Here's what I'm getting at. Arsenal typically start the season playing well.  The weather is nice, playing surfaces are pretty good early in the season, players are fresh and there are not many injuries at this time of the season.

They usually are a buzz machine for the first 6 games or so and then settle into a rhythm.  Then when the weather gets nasty and the pitches start tearing up, they have sometimes struggled.  A lack of the depth of Man U or Chelsea can also play a part with injuries later in the season.

I know we are only 10 games into the season, but Arsenal didn't start off too well in their first few games but all of a sudden seem to be getting into their stride and putting in some pretty impressive displays.

The point I'm trying to make, and admittedly it's early to make this point, but maybe Arsenal are going to manage this season better than the last few and last longer rather than dying at the end.  Maybe they will hit their stride a little later, settle in to a good rhythm in December rather than struggling and hold things together in the new year.

It's a long shot, but it would make for an interesting season if they could do this.

Man U on the other hand seem to be doing just the opposite.  Last year, they started the season playing extremely well.  Rooney was on fire scoring goals almost at will and playing the best of his career.  But this year they have struggled somewhat.  Their performances haven't been great and I wonder if they made a mistake not making a major acquisition.

I wrote a blog earlier asking if the season was over when Chelsea won their first five games.  They are now five points in front and look like they won't make too many mistakes.  Whereas Man U and Man City look like they will make more than their fair share of mistakes.  So the title race might only be close if Arsenal can finish the season strongly.

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