3v2+4 Small-Sided Game for Transition Training

By Matt Carroll -

In this small sided game players  look to find transitional passes through the middle of the field to break defensive lines, utilize a directional first touch into space, and transition roles in real time. The game starts with a grid and four of the attacking players patrolling one of each of the lines of the grid. These players can move anywhere along their line, but cannot double up on another player’s line. Three defensive players are set up in the middle, along with two attacking players that can move freely within the grid.

The attacking team attempts to maintain possession by either passing the ball around to the outside players or to one of the players within the grid. The defensive team can score a ball by intercepting one of these passes. If the pass is intercepted the defensive team scores a point, and then can either simply give the ball back to the attacking team, or the defensive player can switch over and become one of the attacking players if the coach does not want to use point values.

When a ball is played to one of the players in the middle they can either play to the other player in the grid, or one of the players on the outside. If they pass to one of the players on the outside they then replace the player on the line, and that player then dribbles into the middle of the grid. If that player is able to complete a pass to another player the attacking team is awarded three points. After the set amount of time, or point value, the team with the most points wins.

By Matt Carroll

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