1v1 and 2v1 Situations

So much of soccer can be broken down to 1 v 1 and 2 v 1 yet we tend to want to over-complicate matters by thinking bigger numbers.  Here is a fun game to work on 1 v 1 and 2 v 1 situations.

The grid is 30 x 15 with a 3 yard wide goal on each end line. There is one player on each side line and two players in the middle.

To start the players in the middle play 1 v 1 to goal. In the diagram below, the black player has the ball and has the option of playing the black player on the outside who then is restricted to a one touch return.

If the yellow player wins the ball, he can go straight to goal or he can use the yellow player on the outside.

Play this as a 2 minute game and then have the players on the outside switch roles with the players on the inside.

Next, when the yellow player has the ball, the yellow player on the outside can join him on the field for a true 2 v 1 situation

If the black player wins the ball the yellow player from the outside leaves the field and the black player from the outside joins

After 2 minutes the players switch roles.

These are great activities to work on 2 v 1.  To see many more please check out the book “2 v 1 Attacking Drills and Exercises and how they apply to the larger game” by David Goldstein

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