Zonal Defending the Italian Way

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Zonal Defending the Italian Way

Is your defense conceding goals like a broken sieve? Discover how to plug the gaps through adopting the tactics, formations and soccer training drills of the best defenders around – The Italians!

For leaking defenses everywhere, your solution has arrived! Zonal Defending the Italian Way provides an in-depth look at the Italian back four and their dedication to total team defending. This comprehensive guide looks at the history, tactics and soccer training exercises used by top teams in Italy’s Serie A, including AS Roma, Inter Milan, Juventus and AC Milan, and is packed with insights you can use to build your own team’s strength from the back.

The Brazilians are known for their trickery and technical skill. The Germans for their organization and discipline. But when it comes to defense, then the Italians are the best around. So if you’re struggling for ideas on how to tighten your backline, how to concede fewer goals and how to win more games, then the tactics used by the best Italian coaches of the last two decades are the perfect ones to study.

Zonal Defending the Italian Way provides an in-depth look at the Italian back four and their philosophy of total team defending. This includes a look at the history of Italian’s dedication to defense above all else; how it has evolved to accommodate the more attacking style of football that modern audiences crave for and the strategies used by many of Italy’s leading coaches, such as Arrigo Sacchi, Marcello Lippi and Fabio Capello.

In addition, Zonal Defending the Italian Way is jam packed with soccer drills and exercises that were actually used to train the national team in Italy’s 1994 and 2006 World Cup campaigns. This makes this book an ideal addition to your library, whether you’re a student of the game or an elite level coach, because it will enrich your understanding of the Italian defensive game and how you can apply their World Cup winning drills to improve your own team’s defending.

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