Win With Defensive Pressure

Win With Defensive Pressure

Win With Defensive Pressure

Add an extra dimension to your tactics

Here is what you will find in this guide:

  • The three different defensive principles of play
  • High and strong 1v1 defensive pressure
  • Lots of drills/exercises to train your team
  • How to deal with the ball on the strong side and what to do on the weak side
  • Different small-sided games that will give your players game like situations
  • The critical tactical points for high pressure defending

Over the last 20 years or so, the importance of forcing your opponent into mistakes with high pressure defending has become increasingly more prevalent. Some of the world's top coaches, like Mourinho, Klopp, Simeone and Guardiola now recognize the importance of high pressure defending.

With Win With Defensive Pressure you will have a guide that breaks down the roles and responsibilities of each player in your team and show how you can train them to be a forceful team when your opponents have the ball. With high pressure defending, you will force your opponent to give up possession more often which in turn will give your own team more possession and more goal chances

This eBook explains the different tactics you can use to make life difficult for your opponents and is jam packed full of exercises and small-sided games that you can include in your training sessions.


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