When and How to Come Off the Line

By Danny Carvalho, 

This session was designed to get the goalkeepers to push further their knowledge and ability regarding when and how to come out the line to stop an opponent.

Warm Up
Have five balls aligned at the penalty mark height, about three yards apart. The balls will be numbered. The GK starts facing the net, waiting for the GK coach to shout out one of the numbers. As soon as this happens the GK must turn and sprint to dive into the ball.

Activity 1
On this next one we are going to add some SAQ to improve the GK’s readiness and footwork. Have five other GKs out of the box with a ball each. The GK working in the moment will perform the SAQ. When the GK comes out of the circuit, one of the attackers come running with the ball to have the GK close them down and dive into the ball. Start with the attacker not actually trying to score just to get the GKs to understand the concept and perform the dive into feet technique and then gradually progress to a realistic 1v1.

Activity 3
GK+1 v 1+GK small-sided game inside the box. GKs release the ball at their teammate’s feet and then start a 1v1 against the opposed GK. Then the other team does the same and this is how the game goes on. Every time the GK wins the 1v1 they get a point. Team loses a point at every three goals scored by opponents.

Activity 3
Played on a 2v2, this one can be hard for young and less skilled and/or less strong players. The size of the pitch must be adapted to the group according to their specificities.

It consists of each double having a GK and a striker on the opposite half of the field. When the GK has the ball, they must kick it or throw it to their striker to score on the opposite goal. The challenge here is to pass the ball without it being intercepted by the opponent’s striker.
If the striker scores, they must swap positions (GK becomes striker, striker becomes GK).

By Danny Carvalho, DOC at Corinthians Campinas Youth Club,  Brasil

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