Using the Team Warm-Up To Include the Goalkeeper

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity is a warm up that involves the entire team.

In the center circle have the field players dribbling around at full speed.  Two keepers are also in the circle

The players are dribbling at speed and the keepers look for the right opportunity and they will dive for the ball

Once the keeper has won the ball, he returns it to the dribbler and then looks for another opportunity to win the ball.

The keepers are looking to attack as soon as the field player has touched the ball away from their feet (the key is to never go down with the ball right at the players feet).

In the beginning the field players will make it easy for the keepers to win the ball and gradually they should make it more and more difficult/

Make sure the keepers are going down to both sides and not just diving on one side.

Do this for a few minutes as a nice warm up for breakaways (and for the field players)

Have a great day!


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