Turning and Dribbling Square

By Alex Trukan

This exercise is an ideal combination of development of technical aspects altogether with conditioning. Turning and Dribbling Square practice is especially suitable for younger age groups but its progression that involves competition will make any player motivated. From a physical perspective, the exercise is aimed at improving short sprinting speed with the ball.

Set-Up and directions

Organise a square of 10x10 yards. Min. 4 players should start outside the area with one ball each. Square size can be adapted to the number and level of players. It is recommended to have no more than 4 players on each side. Each group of players takes turns in dribbling to the opposite side, turning, and dribbling back to the original side.


As we can see on the diagram below, when one group finishes, the opposite one starts. The continuity of the practice is crucial to achieve physical objectives.


As a progression, it is suggested to add two defenders inside the square. Their aim is to get in possession of the ball and stop it to score one point.


Outside players can start at any time. If a player dribbles to the opposite side of the square, he gets 3 points. If he will be forced to dribble sideways, 1 point is awarded.

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In the basic version of this practice, each group should perform 6-10 repetitions in 2-4 series. The rest between repetitions should be 10 seconds (managed automatically due to other groups working) and between series 4 minutes.

- Increase/decrease the size of the area
- Increase/decrease number of defenders
- Change dribbling direction/add obstacles

By Alex Trukan, Development Coach, Nottingham Forest

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