Triangle Midfield

Triangle Midfield

Whoever controls midfield controls the game. Discover how to utilize the triangle midfield to control possession and replicate the playing style of the world's most technical team

Finally, it's here! Triangle Midfield - Functional Training for Midfielders is your complete guide to mastering one of the most powerful weapons in the advanced coach's arsenal. This special book covers how the triangle midfield can be utilized in many different formations, its functionality and how to train players to use it in possession, defense and attack

Plus get a FREE eBook with 10 additional exercises and small-sided games to train the core techniques and tactics required to play with a midfield triangle

Did you know that whoever controls the midfield wins 75 percent of their games? It's true. Whether you play with a 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3, 4-5-1 or any other formation, the midfield is critical to your success. Statistically the midfield gets more touches of the ball than any other position. So control of the midfield means you can control the game. What’s more, if you have a three man midfield you can reduce the touches of the opposing team while increasing those of your own. It’s why a three man midfield is fast becoming the most dominant shape in the game today and the key to success for many of the world’s best teams, such as Spain, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Triangle Midfield - Functional Training for Midfielders tells you everything you need to know about implementing a three man midfield effectively. It covers all the formations associated with a three man midfield in depth, explaining the functionality if the formation along with an extensive collection of drills and exercise for training your team to play with a three man midfield in possession and in defense.

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