Transition Press Game

By Matt Carroll -

The transition press game is an effective game for simulating beating high intensity pressing. It challenges players to either utilize effective one touch passing, or to use the dribble to create passing lanes under pressure. The drill starts with two grids next to each other. Where each of the grids meet in the middle there are two defenders placed at the top and the bottom. In each grid are four attacking players. The drill starts with one of the defending players passing a ball to one of the attacking players. Two of the defenders then enter the grid and press the four attacking players. 

The two players should aggressively press the players on the ball who then must recognize whether the situation requires a one touch pass, or to take on the press with the dribble. The offensive players are tasked with completing 4 passes within the grid in order to then complete a pass to the opposite grid. The two defending players then must retreat back to the middle. Once the pass crosses the midway line the two other defenders in waiting can enter the grid and press those four attacking players.

The game becomes much easier for the attacking players the faster the transitions occur as this means the defenders have less and less rest time to and their press will eventually fall off as they get more and more tired.  On the flip side, if players cannot get the ball across quickly the defenders will have more time to rest and will apply an even more effective press. After a set time limit, or a certain score, the four defenders switch roles with one of the attacking group and the game begins again.

By Matt Carroll

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