Training Sessions of Europe's Top Teams

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Training Sessions of Europe's Top Teams

The WORLD CLASS COACHING magazine is the only publication in the world that publishes the training sessions of the world's top teams and coaches. It is regarded as the authoritative publication of choice for soccer coaches worldwide with thousands of coaches from over 60 countries subscribing to this bi-monthly magazine.

In this book are sessions from Europe?s top teams like Real Madrid, Ajax and A.C. Milan, plus South American teams like Boca Juniors, E.C. Vitoria and others. These, plus sessions from the Canadian National Teams, MLS teams and sessions from Anson Dorrance and Tony DiCicco make this book a must have for any serious soccer coach.

Topics include, Organizing a Flat Back Four, Combinations in the Attacking Third, Passing and Possession, Working With Two Target Players, Goalkeeping, Small-Sided Games, Creating Crossing Opportunities, Defending In and Around the Penalty Area and many other sessions.

Each training session has detailed explanations and is accompanied with easy-to-read diagrams to make this book the perfect reference for any level of coach.

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