Touch and Turn Drill

By Matt Carroll -

This small touch and turn drill is a useful one for midfielders. The turn can be used to draw the defender towards one shoulder then quickly turn and find the space vacated by their heavy press.

Setup about eight feet away from a rebounder or wall with a cone five feet behind you and a ball at your feet.

Start by playing the ball off the wall/rebounder with enough pace that with a small touch with the outside of your foot it will reach the cone on your right foot.

Once the cone is on your right side take a touch with your right foot to push the ball the other side of the cone. With the next touch, also with the outside of your foot push the ball around the cone back towards the rebounder far enough that the ball is in the general area of your first pass.

Now play the ball off the wall with your left foot and receive on your left side and repeat the entire action. After you have done this 1-3 times take a 30-40 second break and repeat between 3-5 times.

By Matt Carroll

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