Technical and Conditioning Warm-Up

By Matt Carroll -

This is a great drill for goalkeeper conditioning, footwork, handling, and focus. It can be used as a quick warmup to revisit technical standards or lengthened to add the conditioning and focus element. The drill starts with two keepers standing face to face about 5 feet apart, it is helpful to use the touchline as a dividing line, one holding a ball.

The drill starts on the coach’s whistle with players playing a chest pass back and forth while side shuffling in the same direction. Players should focus on utilizing appropriate catch mechanics and footwork, making sure to not cross over their feet while in their shuffle, and getting their hands over the ball to control the catch.

To increase difficulty players can be moved to about twenty feet apart and instead of a chest pass they can use an overhand throw to their partner. This can either be done fluidly or with designated cones where the drill starts with a throw, then the thrower shuffles to a cone to their left or right about 10 feet away. The receiver then throws them a ball and shuffles to their cone 10 feet away and this pattern continues until both players reach the end of their circuit.

By Matt Carroll

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