Team Training the Goalkeeper

Team Training the Goalkeeper

Integrating your goalkeeper into soccer team training sessions will improve team chemistry, strengthen the cohesion between the goalkeeper and outfield and train your defense to concede fewer goals.

Finally, it’s here! Your comprehensive guide on how to manage soccer team training sessions so you can fully integrate your goalkeeper and solve the ‘goalkeeper dilemma’. No longer will they be left to train on their own or with a specialist coach because Team Training the Goalkeeper details more than 40 different team training exercises you can use to include the goalkeeper so you can build a stronger team strategy and a tighter defense.

In too many soccer training sessions goalkeepers are marginalized. Whether it’s due to lack of manpower, resources or equipment, goalkeepers are often left in their own corner of the pitch to warm-up and train on their own or with a specialist coach. Whilst the goalkeeper has a unique skill set, leaving them to train separately can isolate them from other players and there might be gaps in your team’s organization that will go unnoticed until they are revealed in real games.

There are many benefits to integrating goalkeepers into team soccer training: It can improve team chemistry, improve the link up play between the goalkeeper and outfield players and vastly improve the performance of the goalkeeper themselves.

Drawing on over 20 years of experience coaching soccer teams at every level of the game in the US, John Murphy has written this special book Team Training the Goalkeeper which analyses and explains how to integrate the goalkeeper into team training sessions. Through over 40 soccer drills, exercises and small sided games, Murphy shows you exactly how to run progressive team training that will get your goalkeeper training with the team throughout, from the initial warm-up right through to game time.

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