Tactics For Winning Soccer

Tactics For Winning Soccer

Give yourself the tactical edge in multiple areas with this handpicked selection of articles by our expert coaches on the best tactics for winning soccer
Wow, what a collection! Tactics for Winning Soccer is a compendium of articles packed with valuable coaching insights on elite teams and training sessions that will help your team to replicate their style of play. Discover how to press the ball like Barcelona, how to create unpredictable attacks like Manchester City, how to open up space by passing like Arsenal and much more in this handpicked collection of expert articles.

The game of soccer never stands still. You constantly need to be advancing your knowledge and learning about new methods, tactics and drills that will improve your training sessions and your team’s performance. To give your coaching brain a boost, WORLD CLASS COACHING has assembled a compilation of some of the best articles produced from our stable of expert coaches.

Tactics for Winning Soccer is a book packed with tactical analysis of the world’s top teams and functional training sessions. Totaling 25 expertly written articles, in this book you will discover a wide array of insights on coaching the modern game. This includes how to train your team to counter attack like the elite sides, how Spain’s highly flexible 4-2-3-1 enabled it to dominate opponents in Euro 2012 and how Italy defeated tournament favorites Germany. What’s more, the book also features functional drills you can use to coach your team to replicate the playing style of elite sides.

Tactics for Winning Soccer can provide you with a fast track way of bringing your coaching knowledge up to date. So if you want to discover some of the hot topics that coaches are discussing in the modern game, Tactics for Winning Soccer will make a valuable addition to your coaching library.

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