Spanish Style Possession Soccer Vol 1

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Spanish Style Possession Soccer Vol 1

Spanish Style Possession Soccer Vol 1

Here is what you will find in this guide:

  • Why the Spanish style of keeping possession is so effective
  • The key differences that Spanish teams use to help them dominate possession
  • How overloading certain areas of the field are critical in keeping possession
  • Why keeping your team shape will result in better possession
  • The roles and responsibilities for each player that will help your team dominate possession
  • Why and how Rondos can be a powerful training tool

Spanish teams including the Spanish National Team are renowned for dominating possession. Circulation the ball at high speeds and with few touches doesn't come without the right preparation and the right type of training sessions.

Spanish Style Possession Soccer Vol 1 explains why and how the Spanish teams are so good at keeping possession. It explains how they are different and why it is so effective. Once you understand those critical points, you will then be better able to train your team to possess the ball using the same principles as the Spanish teams.

Winning the possession battle is the first step in helping you win more games. More possession means more goal chances for your team and fewer goal chances for your opponents. Check it out now.

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